I don’t know who you are, but I know you.
I am always searching but I can never find you. Who are you? Where are you? Are you real or  just a dream, a fantasy, a memory?

Are you here? I feel your eyes burn hot on my skin under your gaze, warming my blood and blushing my cheeks. I look for those eyes, but I cannot find them. I see his, I see hers, I see everyone’s around me, but not yours. Are your eyes blue? No, hazel? Are they brown? No? Maybe green? It is something I should know but I am blind to you. I can feel you stare with longing, eyes wide and fixated, glistening with tears on the verge of escaping your lashes and drowning your cheeks. They beg me, plead me to recognise you, remember you, see you…but I cannot.

Are you close? I hear your heart beat, a small murmur. It is always present, always on my mind, a soundtrack to my day. Low, deep, heavy, yet somehow, hollow. I know that song. It calls to me, it mimics my own. A heart that is lacking, incomplete, always searching to fill the emptiness but never finding the perfect piece. Who are you who dares to sing my song? Show yourself and we will play a duet, I sing the melody and you harmonise. That’s how my song should be played. Please? Hello? I know you hear me, answer me.

Are you there? I feel the breath on my neck, warm and sweet, enchanting my senses and shading my world in a rosy pink haze. My mind clouds and I cannot focus. I’m lost in a fog, calling out an unknown name, waiting for an answer, a sound, a glimpse of you, anything. I long for you, but I cannot find you. The fog lifts and the moment passes by, like it does every time. Why didn’t you come to me?

I will never meet you, this I know, but I will never stop searching. My heart’s call is too strong to ignore. I long for you and you for me. We silently live, aware but apart, two pieces of one that will forever be incomplete.

I don’t know who you are, but I know you are missing.

via Daily Prompt: Missing


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